January 2, 2016

Biomarker Discovery and Validation

Biomarker Discovery and Validation


Current issues in precision medicine and companion diagnostics development

  • Difficulties in predictive biomarker discovery
  • Lack of high-quality and well controlled tumor samples
  • Lack of sufficient drug response and genomic information of clinical samples
  • Difficulties in biomarker validation
  • Difficulties to repeat experiments and test hypothesis in clinical settings
  • Long and costly process for validating biomarkers in clinical trials


Advantages of using PDX models for biomarker discovery and validation

  • PDX models better resemble human cancer tissues than cancer cell line xenograft models in tumor heterogeneity and hierarchy
  • Large number of PDX models provide better coverage of cancer complexity
  • Simultaneous testing of multiple drugs and combinations
  • Reproducibility and flexibility
  • Convenient tissue collection for high sample quality and reliable analysis
  • Quick data acquisition and significant cost reduction
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