January 2, 2016

Avatar and Gifts

Avatar and GIFTS



Avatar is a personalized cancer model from a patient and for the patient. It is also known as Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) model. It is derived from patient’s own tumor sample through surgery or biopsy, and is tested with multiple cancer drugs. Numerous studies have shown that the drug responses of Avatars or PDXs closely resemble the drug response of patients in clinical settings.

With the patient’s own personalized cancer model, a drug or a drug combination can be identified from many potential treatments as the best regimens for the cancer. This information will help the doctor to avoid ineffective treatments or treatment delay.

Avatar Advantages:

  • Cancer patient’s personalized cancer model
  • Multiple drug tests at the same time
  • Drug resistance discovery in cancer model before relapse in patient



GIFTS (Genomic Information Fitting based Therapeutics Selection) is a method by which a cancer patient genomic information is matched to GenenDesign PDX model genomic profiles to find the best genomic fit and thus related therapeutic options in GenenDesign Drug Response Database.


GIFTS Advantages:

  • Large cancer model collection for model matching
  • Large drug response database associated with the matching models
  • Quick prediction on patient drug responses
  • No restriction on patient geological location
  • Complementary to various next generation sequencing diagnostics service providers
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